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Your Views: Investment in roads sales tax is cost-effective, will create jobs
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I well may be in the minority on this, which isn’t unusual for me since I call them exactly as I see them with specific reasons.

Many good friends in and out of the tea party strongly oppose the T-SPLOST vote July 31. Might I remind opponents there is such a thing as being pennywise and dollar foolish. This extra 1-cent sales tax will last until the earliest of 10 years or $10 billion being reached.

All money is specifically designated for road infrastructure and maintenance. Hall County and its municipalities get a 45 percent bonus. Give me a 45 percent stock divided and I’ll put all I can in that stock that I can afford.

That work needs to be done now while costs are down. Jobs will be created, helping to speed recovery. Wait on economic recovery and it’ll be much more costly. One has to invest to make money.

Ted Oglesby