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Your Views: Inequality, a rich ruling elite; that's the state of our union
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It’s fitting that the State of the Union Address focused on inequality. Because the real state of our union is about growing inequality between rich and powerful Washington, D.C., insiders and we the people in America.

More than half of Congress members are now millionaires and their net worth is going up, while the net worth of American families has dropped 40 percent since 2007. The rich (in Washington, D.C.) are getting richer, while American families are getting poorer — inequality indeed.

And there’s inequality in the way our politicians treat themselves, compared to how they treat us. They get special exemptions and subsidies for Obamacare, while we Americans suffer, lose our doctors and pay higher premiums. I’d like to see them experience some equality when it comes to Obamacare.

It’s one thing for politicians to concentrate power and wealth for themselves, while long-suffering Americans pay for the lavish lifestyles of our ruling elites. It’s another thing entirely to hear these politicians preach to us about “inequality” when they are the ones causing it with their money and power grabs.

Here’s a better idea. It’s the idea that America was founded on, and it served America well until recently. The idea is this: power to the people, limit the power to government and let America go back to being the land of opportunity, not the land of inequality.

Ron Hooper

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