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Your Views: Humankind is hardly perfect in its rebellion
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I write this letter to pose further understanding after Tuesday’s column by Joan King. Ms. King is a thoughtful and generally cogent writer. I read her column faithfully and remain in strong respect for her consistent revelations concerning the ongoing corruption in our nuclear plant construction process.

But her recent column seems to me to fall short of her normal excellence. She is clearly devoted to the Holy Word as she quotes twice both Genesis 1:26 and Matthew 5:48. Her writing seems to wish to meld the creation of all things by the Lord with what she seems to denote as the evolution of man, and her point seems somehow confirmed by her assertion that “... creation is in flux ...”

By apparently constructing a connection between mankind evolving from little children into teenage children, she allows that we have now stepped to the place where we are on the verge of becoming responsible for creation.

As she read through Genesis, she seems to have stopped at 1:26 and has averted both her eye and pen from the strong gift commanded by God two verses later. We have had responsibility and dominion over creation from the beginning. The word is strongly clear on this matter.

Yes, over time our brow has receded and our mind has grown in understanding and in many ways has well served us to create ourselves a far better opportunity to live well. Our caves are now subdivisions and our heat warms us from a furnace controlled by thermostats rather than an open pit fire. Yes, some things have changed. But her contention that mankind is perfect may be the worst assertion I have heard.

We were created perfect, loved and fed and nurtured, and we lived naked unashamed (Genesis 2:25). The perfect balance of perfect creation was destroyed by the rebellion of the heart, which was unsatisfied to remain in perfection. This is the place where mankind has made no change, has gained no traction and has demonstrated no evolution. We live still in that same rebellion of heart. A way was provided (and foretold in Genesis also, 3:15) for us to overcome our dark hearts.

A loving Creator whose patience endureth to everlasting still awaits that one word from us that will indeed mark the change Ms. King and I seek.

That word will change and evolve all hearts that are dark. That word is “yes.”

Michael Hawkins

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