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Your Views: Humanist groups threat over prayer is just a publicity stunt
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Well, what do you know. It appears we have some more Madalyn Murray O’Hair wannabes. The American Humanist Organization of Washington, D.C., has threatened legal action against Chestatee High School to prevent high school coaches from leading and participating in prayer with the players.

They claim it is separation of church and state. Hogwash. These types of people only want one thing and that is to get their name in the news.

I say, let them sue. And if we have any judges in Hall County with any backbone, they would throw this out and tell those atheists to go back to where they came from and don’t come back. It is a funny thing to me that we don’t see any of these atheists on the front lines during wartime.

Now, if prayer offends you, you don’t have to participate. Just leave, go home and sulk, unless you want everyone to see how ignorant and ungodly you are.

Paul S. Barnes
Flowery Branch

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