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Your Views: Health care law is another way to divide nation, deny faith
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Most in this nation have begun to conclude that our new health care law is faltering and not working. Our Republican Party, who are supposedly our advocates against the corrupt administration we’re forced to endure, are totally missing the point. Obamacare, as it is fondly referred to, is an astounding success. It is a well-planned strategy to divide our nation and people, to spend us into bankruptcy, and in general, to destroy our capitalistic way of life that has worked successfully since we first became the great nation that we once were.

President Barack Obama’s hero and mentor is Saul Alinsky, a terrorist and a radical marxist. Our president is a dedicated socialist whether you choose to believe it or not. His master plan was to find a medium by which he could divide our nation, damage the U.S. economy, kill jobs and bring down capitalism.

How is it working? His plan includes demonizing anyone who dares to disagree with his arrogant, demented vision for America’s future. Attack Americans’ right to resent when we see our government and elected leaders going out of control. We are labeled “racists” and “unpatriotic” if we disagree with this administration’s illogical and insane policies, both here at home and in our foreign policy abroad.

Christians and our Christian faith are under attack by this president and his corrupt administration of radical America-hating cronies. We have taken prayer and Bible reading, yes, and even the very mention of the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, out of our schools and institutions of learning. But we can promote the teaching of “safe sex” and in some cases, even offer condoms to our young people.

Obama and his secular humanist hordes believe that if we can teach this filth to our young long enough, we will let all these “Christian holy rollers” in time die out and we’ll have a generation of godless, secular atheists to fundamentally change America.

Sound familiar? Christians: Stand up and be proud of our faith, proclaim it loudly to a lost and dying world.

Mickey Montgomery

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