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Your Views: Hall residents should unite to oppose rezoning
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The Hall County Board of Commissioners is scheduled to rule on a request to rezone a residential property in the Mountain View Peninsula to commercial usage Thursday. The property is in the middle of a residential neighborhood and the community has shown strong support for denying the proposed rezoning.

Commercial usage of this property is contrary to the Hall County Comprehensive Land Use Plan that was paid for by Hall County taxpayers. The commissioners’ ruling is critical to all residents, because if passed, it would set a precedent for allowing spot rezoning of any property within Hall County, resulting in islands of commercial activities in the middle of neighborhoods.

Mountain View Road is a narrow road, which already has challenges with traffic, trash and speeding. Allowing a commercial endeavor will only compound these issues and jeopardize the security of the surrounding homes. Hall County has enjoyed the addition to its tax base from individuals who have purchased and upgraded homes in and around the county. If individuals cannot rely on the land use plan when investing in property, it is likely individual property investment in Hall will decline.

The proposal is specifically requesting to build a boat storage facility. If the proposal passes, the many large residentially zoned properties near the subject property will have a precedent to apply for similar rezoning, resulting in an island of commercial activities on Mountain View Road. There are plenty of already commercially zoned properties on McEver Road and Mundy Mill Road, near Mountain View Road which are more appropriate for such endeavors.

It is important that Hall County residents take notice of this potentially precedent setting decision and make their support for defeating this spot rezoning proposal known by attending the Board of Commissioners’ meeting.

It is being held at 6 p.m. Thursday (please wear red) at 2875 Browns Bridge Road and McEver Road. The only benefactor to the passage of the spot rezoning proposal is the applicant, who will then own property valued at commercial rates, while the residents of Hall County will possibly see their property values decline as commercial endeavors invade their neighborhoods. For more information go to

Brigitte Garrett

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