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Your Views: Hall commission needs fresh slate of capable leaders
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Trying to implement a new policy for public speaking during work sessions was a valiant effort by Craig Lutz — sadly the first and probably only thing beneficial he’s contributed to the county during his stay as commissioner.

However, he is right by trying to get this passed into county commission policy. The mere fact that none of the other commissioners had no interest in seeing it through proves more than ever that it is time for a clean slate, fresh meat that isn’t spoiled or tainted.

Not a politician or crowd appeaser. Not someone looking for a job providing benefits. Not someone looking to use this position to further their own political interests, although this is acceptable as long as they campaigned beforehand on this premise and the public wants to retain said candidate for future roles.

What Hall County needs right now is transparency, fiscal responsibility and leadership. It needs people who will work well together even with conflicting ideologies. It needs people willing to give up more than just the time expected to fulfill their obligations, but sometimes even their free time.

We need people who will make the unpopular decisions because they are exactly what will work. We need people who aren’t afraid to tackle the looming problems we are facing around budget cuts and what is really at the heart of it all: overstaffing administrative positions, pensions, benefits, etc.

Government was never meant to play the role of big brother to the private sector, nor was it was intended to become a more desirable career path than working for yourself. However, due to bureaucrats and their failed decision-making skills, government has spawned a new breed of politician, one that only seeks political interest, personal interest and re-election.

Good luck getting re-elected, gentlemen. As a hopeful candidate for the 2014 county commission, I tell you firsthand, you will not be receiving my vote.

Steven Ellis