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Your Views: Gun limits would require different ways of self-defense
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After reading all of the last three opinions concerning gun control and expressing mine to Joan King, I have decided that the best way to combat the control problem is as follows:

1. Issue a free gun permit to all seniors.

2. Publish all actions committed by all who use this type of weapon.

3. Publish the penalty imposed on those when it is known.

Education alone has not proven to reduce this type of crime. I was a boxer in high school and in the Navy. I am now an old vet and am not as swift as I was once was. I do not sleep with a .45 under my pillow; however, it is never far from my reach.

When and if a gun restriction is passed, I guess I will be required to carry a baseball bat. When they are restricted to the diamond, a tennis racket may be next, followed by knitting needles. They are dangerous, also.

Joan King published an opinion but never her means of other preventing this type of crime.

I am a vet; I served my time protecting her right to say what she wishes and I and my .45 will be around when it is needed again.

Bill Rogers

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