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Your Views: Gun-free zones are an invitation to evil cowards
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A terrible and senseless act was committed recently in Connecticut and many young lives were lost as a result. The “knee-jerk” reaction has been that we need to have more gun laws or more strict gun laws. That reaction is completely wrong.

If a person is intent in doing harm to someone else, that person will find a way to do so, preferably when and where no one will interfere and using any available weapon, be it a rock, rope, knife, gun or whatever else is there. It makes no difference what laws are in place; as a matter-of-fact, sometimes those laws aid and abet the perpetrator.

For example, a “gun-free school zone” might as well be marked “kill zone” because any perpetrator knows that they can act with no interference or resistance, yielding the horrific results we have seen too many times in the last few years. We need to take down those “gun-free school zone” signs and replace them with signs reading something along the lines of “We love our children; therefore, some of our staff is armed and trained; proceed at your own peril.”

At the college level, some responsible armed and trained students could also be added to the warning. When a would-be perpetrator sees words like that, the target value of that school simply disappears.

Most people who commit such acts are cowards who are seeking power over something or someone or have a “message,” and when confronted with any interference to their goals, they will simply walk away. They are too cowardly to face any interference or confrontation to their plans. Replace those signs and train up and arm some staff.

The apparent killer in the Connecticut tragedy appears to have been mentally deranged and a lot of people, including his mother, knew it and should have taken some action to restrict his access to anything that could harm another person. Guns are not the villain here, and those who are mentally competent and otherwise not prohibited by law to hold a firearms permit should not be penalized as a result of folks not taking responsibility for their own actions and the actions of those for whom they have responsibility.

Please remember the lessons of history and know that with arms, we are “citizens” but without arms, we are “subjects.”

A.R. McCahan

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