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Your Views: GOP should fight harder to beat Obama
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I won’t say that things in our nation couldn’t be worse because they could be, and God forbid, will be, if we as a free people don’t wake up from this comatose condition we now find ourselves in.

We naively elected to office in 2008 a monster bent on the downfall of America as a world power and free people. It is beyond me how thinking people can’t see the plain facts that are clear and accessible in the news every day, if we just listen, open your eyes, comprehend with an open mind the atrocities this president is imposing on our nation: His policies, his ideology, the things he openly supports, the murdering of millions of unborn babies, his public approval of same-sex marriage, his stubborn refusal to enforce our immigration laws and protect our borders.

Barack Obama is our worst enemy and, in my humble opinion, a scourge on America. He campaigned on a “positive” vision of hope and change, vowing to be the leader in making the American dream better for us all.

This president is the “poster child” for “flip flopping” on his empty promises. The only promise he actually followed through on is to fundamentally change our nation. This president is a “Jekyll and Hyde.”

I say this with a sincere belief that four more years with this president will be the death knell for America. For you who still “blindly” support this man, despite what we now know about him, may God forgive me, you have earned my deepest contempt. If our nation dies, the responsibility is yours.

As to the man who so passionately sought to win the Republican nomination to face Obama in 2012, I am appalled and disappointed in the anemic, lackluster campaign you are running. I fear we’re in for a repeat of the shameful debacle of John McCain in the last election. Mitt Romney, grow a backbone, assert a more aggressive strategy in opposing this loser and fight for America!

I’m greatly appalled at our Republican party for their lack of determination in fighting back. Get off your sorry butts and serve those of us who still love this nation. May almighty God have mercy on America!

Mickey Montgomery

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