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Your Views: Global warming verified by facts, but it likely has many causes
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Facts prove global warming is happening. Recent letters and editorials were long in dire warnings, but negative on data.

The last figures I have noted global average temperature has risen by just under 1 degree over the last 165 years. One degree is significant. Expect a rise of one degree over the next 150 years regardless of what humans do. Rising ocean level figures are few and far between. The actual rise over the last hundred years is 1 to 2 inches.

The polar ice cap does melt in summer so there’s about a foot or two of water atop the solid ice sheet. The Vikings found Greenland free of ice and snow around 1050 to 1100. They moved in, settled, grew grain, raised sheep and fished the ocean. Two or three hundred years later, Greenland was again snowbound and they left. The cooling period lasted until around 1850.

We did not sign any agreements concerning global warming because India and China did not. Other factors: one volcano eruption pollutes more than all gas and diesel vehicles worldwide; and flatus from all animal life equals industrial pollution. Now our government’s concerning causes prices to rise.

All I ask is that we receive facts and figures along with the doomsday pictures they push.

George C. Kaulbach

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