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Your Views: Get an estimate first from your contractor before work is done
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Recently I hired a Gainesville area electrician to look at a porch light that keeps burning out. Because I had used him before, I agreed to a service charge plus parts, if any. As it turned out there was really nothing wrong, but a small adjustment was made to the socket where someone had turned the light bulb too tightly, bending a contact.

I was shocked to learn the service fee was $250! I’ll chalk this up to education and my mistake in not getting a written estimate first. Not only will I never use this electrician again, neither will the subdivision I live in.

As a general rule, however, I thought it would be a good idea if all contractors were required to provide a written estimate to eliminate hidden or surprise charges and service fees. I hope this encounter helps someone else avoid the same.

Joseph M. Corrigan
Flowery Branch

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