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Your Views: Gainesville needs to make road crossing safer for pedestrians
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I am writing concerning the people who live in the Butler Street apartments. They are angry and concerned for their safety crossing the street and going to the store.

Cars are coming out of Patterson Drive, and the drivers don’t care, especially the cab drivers and the big tractor-trailer trucks speeding. The city police sit there, but I realize they can only stay for so long.

I have talked to the county commissioners, but they said this was in the city. I’m hoping they will come out and look at the traffic and help before it is too late.

When I was a young man, we tried to get a red light on Atlanta Street. But when a little girl got killed, then the city took action. They made Atlanta Street into one way.

Please don’t let a life be taken before the city takes action.

Jalasker Lyles

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