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Your Views: Gainesville fire, police prompt service is appreciated
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Thank you, city of Gainesville. On the evening of Jan. 5, I received a home security call. I got home with two city police cars and a fire truck from Station 1. The police came to check on the motion alarm in my house, and when walking outside my home, they smelled gas.

They contacted the fire department to check on the smell outside. I let them inside to check for gas fumes. We got the OK to go inside our home, with great relief.

The fire department or police reported the problem to Atmos Energy, which came and repaired it quickly that night. We had just finished an addition to our home and were terrified when we saw emergency vehicles. The quick response and attention makes me so proud of this city we call home.

I wish I could remember names and all who responded, but please know we thank you for your service.

Kathy Thomas

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