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Your Views: Focus on horrors by Islamic State ignores others
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Every day I’m confronted with news reports suggesting the militant Islamic State organization is a threat to America. It is constantly in the news with lurid stories of mass executions and beheadings. These stories are reported as if atrocities and mass killings are not commonplace in war.

News media fails to put the killings in context by comparing them with deaths from other wars like the U.S. war in Iraq. I can tell you the U.S. has killed far more Iraqis than ISIS has. You don’t hear that because it doesn’t serve the agenda of the establishment.

Consider stories about ISIS beheadings. Compare that with Amnesty International reports which indicate Saudi Arabia beheaded an average of 1.4 people per week from 1985 to 2013. Americans never hear about that. The establishment already has a U.S. military presence in Saudi Arabia, so we don’t hear about human rights abuses there.

Selective reporting allows the establishment to manipulate public support for its agenda. Thus we get wall-to-wall Islamic State coverage, and every report we hear conveniently adds to a growing basis the establishment will use to justify more war in the Mideast.

Is ISIS a threat? I remember the same talking heads said that about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There were none.

There was a previous attempt to goad the U.S. public into supporting war against Syria to accomplish the same agenda. This was after Obama toppled the government of Libya. The agenda for war in Syria included news reports of Syrian atrocities and gas attacks against civilian population centers. Obama announced he intended to use military force to “protect civilians.” That’s how he and the establishment get their foot in the door. Afterward, escalation of war to accomplish any agenda is easy.

The gas used in Syria turned out to be chlorine, meaning responsibility for those attacks could be attributed to almost any group. Public opposition to war in Syria stopped Obama, who retreated to find a new pretext for the ongoing neocon, regime-change agenda.

Fast-forward to now. I suspect ISIS may exist primarily to secure U.S. strategic interests with plausible deniability. The Islamic State can do things the U.S. cannot legally do in pursuit of common goals like toppling Syria. In the end — after lies and scare tactics over WMD in Iraq and gas attacks in Syria were exposed — the Islamic State will finally give the U.S. establishment a fresh pretext for a new invasion and occupation of territory in Iraq and Syria.

Obama announced economic sanctions against Russia to curb its destabilization of Ukraine, but has not done the same for financial and military supporters of ISIS. Why is that? Why sanction Russia for occupying Ukraine but not Israel for occupying territory reserved for a Palestinian state?

Fascism or something worse controls our government and news outlets. The complicit news media doesn’t lead people to truth, instead reading scripts coordinated to advance the agenda. If we tolerate that, what will tomorrow bring?

Bruce Vandiver

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