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Your Views: Flames of racial hatred being fanned in Fla. shooting case
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I know many of you are aware of the tragic killing of a young black man, Trayvon Martin, in Florida. I don’t have the facts, nor do others, but it seems to me that the shooter is being tried and convicted before it ever reaches the court room.

Due to what appears to be tremendous pressure exerted by others who may or may not want justice, they want revenge or appeasement. If time should prove this man guilty as charged, I certainly agree he should suffer. If not, it is unacceptable to go out and riot, pillage and destroy.

Over the years, I’ve heard much hateful rhetoric about racial prejudice. Let me state what I know and believe. This is a lie perpetrated by our government and many in our country who simply put carry hate in their hearts. As a Christian, I believe this. It does not matter what color of skin you wear; God created us all. No one, not black, white, red, yellow, not any race just crawled out from under a rock. We were created. God loves us all equally.

I’ve witnessed congressmen and women, “self avowed” Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, supposed men of God, publicly fan the flames of racial unrest, white supremacists and black supremacists spout their violent hateful rhetoric on our “truthful” news networks. It makes me sick to my stomach!

Folks, if we as a nation don’t end this derision, we’re doomed.

Mickey Montgomery


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