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Your Views: Fire insurance cost rises without new Hall station
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I received a letter from my insurance company today; they are canceling my homeowners policy, and before you jump to conclusions, I pay my premiums on time. No, this has to do with a fire rating in my area.

Apparently, I have been reclassified to a 10, which for anything but good looks is a bad thing. After a few phone calls, aggravation and then some answers, I was told I live too far away from a fire station but that we (the voters) had approved a new station a few years ago via a SPLOST vote.

Well, where is it? We are being dollared to death (not nickel and dimed anymore, inflation took care of that) paying extra for everything and now probably double insurance premiums. I know I am not the only one who wants to know how our upstanding county commissioners are going to rectify this and build the fire station in the Mount Vernon-Shirley Road area.

Well, don’t you want to know! Do I expect an answer from the commission — yes! Will they give me one? What do you think?

Maureen Smith

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