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Your Views: Evolution theorists fail to see how a Creator designed life
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There has been some discussion of late on the editorial page concerning the origins of life. We either created ourselves or we have a Creator. The difference of view boils down to presuppositions.

For the evolutionist, it is presupposed that there is no Creator; therefore none will be found. For the evangelical Christian, it is presupposed that there is a Creator of heaven and earth who has revealed himself in His word.

The evolutionist does not consider a creator/designer to be a possibility. There are scientists, including non-Christians, who believe that the evidence points to a designer. Any who voice such an opinion are quickly silenced and black-rolled.

The evangelical Christian sees God in every aspect of the world around him. He finds in the Bible sufficient evidence to explain all discoveries in the Earth’s history. He is amazed that anyone can look at the complexity and interdependency of life and believe that it can all be explained by time plus chance.

If the Christian is wrong, he loses nothing in eternity; if the evolutionist is wrong, he loses everything.

Brian Gordon

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