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Your Views: Erasing the color line would make for a better world
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Amidst the horror and grief of Selma and Ferguson, I heard a tender story that I would like to share with our readers.

Debra Johnson is a Gainesville lady who grew up in Bethlehem, N.H. She lived with her white family in this place. Some Southern families came north in the summertime for a cooler climate.

One such family, with all boys, adopted a little black girl. Her name was Jennifer. Debra and her friends were fascinated with this child and wanted to be like her. So they lay out in the sun trying to get a deep suntan.

The little girl kept calling to them to come swimming, but they said “No, we’ve got to try to be like you.”

I think maybe if whites could imagine their skin black, and blacks could forget their skin, maybe we could do away with the color line and just all be Americans. Think so?

Lessie B. Smithgall

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