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Your Views: Environmental groups trump up fears over energy
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Was Bruce Vandiver’s letter last week in The Times a scare tactic? I don’t know. I do know that environmentalists often employ such tactics.

Some time ago, a science research paper was quoted in the media. “The ice sheet in Greenland will melt and raise the ocean level over 20 inches.” A key word from the report was missing: “might.” Also, the time frame in the report was missing: “in the next 1,000 years.” Who censored this report?

Back to nuclear waste storage. True, Chernobyl was a tragic disaster. But there was no loss of life in the Three Mile Island event. I don’t know about the private storage of nuclear waste. But I like private rather than government in many ways. Our government cannot balance the budget. Our government thinks that the Department of Education inside the D.C. belt line can raise our education standards. In our 50 states, we have rural, poor, packed cities and more education systems and one thing is for sure, one size does not fit all.

And, are you happy with our government meddling in our medical system?

Environmentalists think the coal, gas and oil industries are against our best interest. But nothing is said about the large number of traffic accidents, with fatalities, occurring daily. Yes, oil spills and well blowouts have occurred, but the percentage is tiny considering the vast numbers of wells, pipelines and tankers in use.

The industry works hard ensuring it can give us the best safely and industry is environmentally conscious.

George C. Kaulbach

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