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Your Views: Ending party affiliations may make leaders more responsive
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This country has become so polarized as a nation that we can no longer function as Americans, but must act as Democrats or Republicans. The politicians are so controlled by their parties that they either play along or they are marked and their party support goes to their upcoming opponent.

When you come right down to it, there isn’t an ounce of difference between any of them. Ninety percent of them are out for themselves. If they weren’t, why would they exempt themselves from the laws that they pass on us? They have set it up so if they even get elected for one term, they are set for their lifetime with a pension.

So my thought is this: If we can’t get the American people to vote them all out of office and impose our own term limits on them, then why don’t we start a movement to eliminate all party affiliation? That means that each individual running for office will present views on the topics and stand on his or her own merit. If you have 10 candidates in the primary, you take the top two or three vote totals and they run as individuals for the office. When they get elected, they go to Washington or the state government and they represent the people that elected them and not the party.

This would put Congress in a position to do what is best for our country and eliminate the division created by party affiliation. This takes the power out of the government control and returns it to the individual. If they don’t follow the people’s wishes, a new individual will replace them. No party platforms and thus no concentrated warring factions in our government.

Think of the savings that are being wasted by the party’s refusal to do what is best for all. If a program does not stand on its own merit, it will be voted out by the majority of the congressmen. No more Harry Reid’s or John Boehner’s refusal to bring something up for a vote because of party politics. We could also outlaw all lobbyists and that would prevent the special interest from imposing their will on the rest of us.

Bill Bollenbach

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