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Your Views: Election choice should not be about morality
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The headline on the column Tuesday by Trevor Thomas states, “Clear moral choice doesn’t favor Obama.”

I must take very strong exception to both that headline and the column itself. There is little point to debating one person’s view of morality in the newspaper, as that is not what the present crucial elections are, or should be, all about.

On that subject, I will merely point out that Jesus himself stated, according to the New Testament: “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s; render unto God that which is God’s.”

Elections fall into the Caesar-category; that is due to our constitutional separation of church and state. All those, including Thomas and the ministers he cites, who try to turn an election into a referendum on their particular religious beliefs, are not only violating our Constitution and Bill of Rights, they are, indeed, in violation of the Jesus’ own words. They have no conception of the American system of government, either.

What, then, is this election all about? It is about the future of America. It is about whether as a nation we will do our best to provide for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” to all Americans, or instead discard Mitt Romney’s so-called 47 percent who he sees as moochers and victims. Of course, the vast majority of that 47 percent ask only a better chance to achieve the American dream, something President Barack Obama really cares about, unlike Romney.

This election is also about honesty and trust, two virtues which both Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, fail to practice. Romney would better be called “The Mitt of Oz,” as he is the man behind the Republican curtain of misstatements and misrepresentations.

He was never a real businessman; he was a venture capitalist who enjoyed destroying companies and jobs. He endorsed and secured passage of his own version of “Obamacare” in Massachusetts, while endorsing a woman’s right to choose and a host of other progressive positions. But when he ran for president, he pandered to the far right by totally reversing most of his positions.

Today’s Mitt Romney could not even wait for the burials of four brave Americans who were killed in a tragic attack on an American embassy in Libya before he struck out against the Obama administration in a blatantly political attack. A man who uses the murder of Americans in an attempt to seize political advantage, particularly after his own Republican party cut the embassy security budget of the State Department, is untrustworthy and, indeed, despicable.

There are a host of other deplorable facts and truths which are well-known about Romney. No amount of pseudo-moralist blather can overcome those facts and truths about the present Republican presidential candidate. His election would be an unmitigated disaster for America.

Eugene Elander

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