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Your Views: Editorial rushed to judgment, unfairly attacked president
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The Times’ editorial of May 19 (“Our Views: What a tangled web”) demands a response, in the interest of objectivity and fair play, values which were so utterly lacking in that piece.

Your verdict is a classic “rush to judgment” on the barely begun investigations of the IRS’s excessive scrutiny of tea party groups’ tax-exempt eligibility, the Justice Department’s secret subpoenas of Associated Press reporters’ phone records and the longer-pending but still-unfolding investigations of the tragic deaths of Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

Less than two weeks after the first public revelations of the IRS and AP issues, The Times’ editorial board has not only decided the outcomes, but has virtually convicted President Barack Obama of complicity in all three “scandals” as well, without a shred of evidence against the president, just the worn-out mantra that “the buck stops” with the president.

You even dare to equate the guilt you so cavalierly impute to President Obama with President Nixon’s Watergate misdeeds (“all that’s left now to complete our ‘back to the future’ moment is the sight of our commander in chief insisting, ‘I’m not a crook.’”).

That’s “all that’s left now?” Maybe we might await receipt of evidence and completion of the investigations, something more than the partisan bickering and pontificating that have occurred so far? Any newspaper editorial board should understand this fundamental fairness. But you don’t bother to wait for the “tangled web,” which your editorial headline acknowledges, to be “un-tangled.”

Your editorial is unworthy of The Times. You can and should do better.

Wyc Orr

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