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Your Views: East Hall has more need for a library than a health clinic
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In response to the article in which the closed East Hall Library might be turned into a health clinic: Please don’t! Our little library should never have been closed in the first place.

Each community deserves a library, and it was a shame to close ours. Why is the East Hall Community always the one that’s chosen to do without? Why make it a health clinic, when the health department is close by, along with urgent care facilities?

I am a retired school librarian, and I know the importance of a community library. Unfortunately, so much of the time, those who make these decisions are the ones — at least in this particular case — who have probably never even used a library’s resources and don’t have an inkling as to how one serves a community. Yes, even in this technological age.

There are many vacant spots in strip malls where you could put a health clinic. Please reconsider this decision.

Julie Jones

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