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Your Views: Do you trust giving more money to governments? Say 'no' to T-SPLOST
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I intend to vote “no” on the proposal to add an additional 1-cent sales tax to give the Department of Transportation (75 percent) and local governments (25 percent) more money to spend.

My reasons are threefold:

• This is not the time to raise taxes on anyone. A sales tax hits the people who can least afford it the hardest.

• The DOT is a board made up of political appointees who do not answer to the citizens. Consider their role in creating the death trap at Ga. 365 and Howard Road. It has been almost two months since the second person was killed at this intersection and, despite calls for action from county and state officials, nothing visible has been done to prevent the next death here.

By the way, the T-SPLOST plan for Habersham County plans for intersections on Ga. 365 that already have traffic lights to be replaced by new interchanges, to the tune of $32 million each.

• I am reluctant to give the Hall County commissioners a windfall to help bail them out of the mess they have created with county funds. They need to be forced to make the hard decisions to clean up their own mess.

The powers that be have already started a full-court press to convince the voters that this additional tax is an investment that we must make. These people mean well, but they are wrong. This is not the time to give additional money to any government.

Jim Waldrep