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Your Views: Dishonoring military, faith, traditions will haunt our nation
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I come from a generation that remembers an America where family was the basis for the training of the minds and hearts of our children. I remember an America that believed in the validity of an almighty God that oversees the affairs of men.

The America I remember believed in integrity and honesty in all our dealings. A man’s word was sufficient to trust, we honored our parents, we honored God’s holy word, and we weren’t ashamed to say the Pledge of Allegiance in public to honor our flag. Our heroes were our men and women who bravely put themselves in harm’s way for our freedom. Many never came back.

Today, we dishonor our brave heroes by cutting funding for our military by our “community-organizing” president. We have become a people who spit on our founding fathers and our Constitution, the very fabric of what our nation has always stood for.

We’re willing to sacrifice the future of our children and grandchildren for a few miserable handouts from an intrusive administration that has willed the American people into a state of indifference. Our major news networks, our newspapers — most of them — have entered into a slobbering love affair with our arrogant little tyrant-wannabe, President Barack Obama. Any dissenting opinions are effectively censored. It makes me sick to my stomach!

In closing, let me leave Americans with a subtle warning: If we, as a nation, continue down this road, if we do not elect some real leaders with at least some measure of common sense, if we continue to “thumb our noses” at our creator, and if we continue to disrespect those who serve our nation where we idolize the loons and weirdos in Hollywood, judgment day will come. It will be more dreadful than we could imagine! May Almighty God be merciful to America.

Mickey Montgomery

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