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Your Views: Defense of gays runs contrary to natures reproductive instincts
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This is intended to challenge Cokie and Steve Roberts’ message of Dec. 28, which continued their ongoing apparent defense and promotion of homosexuality, and included several questionable observations.

Within the overall scheme of things, whoever or whatever is responsible for the existence of the solar system — planet Earth being part of it — provided animals on earth (the only place sustaining life) with anatomies and motives for reproduction. These male and female beings also possess a natural (normal) attraction for each other in this procedure.

Why are some elements of so-called man, who is the only animal with superior intellect, inclined to violate this and solicit other members of our society to participate? Also, why should they expect to be excused into normal society instead of being content with themselves for that abuse of what is natural?

My effort is dedicated toward providing a “wake-up call” that we are unwittingly accepting a path to possible eventual self-elimination. I hope I am not alone in this recognition.

Clarence Huhman

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