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Your Views: Dark times persist without a moral compass to guide us
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Much like in Egypt prior to the exodus of the people of Israel, a darkness has come over our land, a darkness which may even be felt. A dread that pours into the soul leaving a sense that horror lies just beyond our reach out in the darkness.

We see folks behaving in a manner that surely shows that they truly can’t see. A witness of a lack of vision that can only move from order toward chaos is evident in the choices being made by otherwise rational people, choices that show a desire for lawlessness that can only lead to absolute law.

We are a nation being led into darkness by those who are blinded by their own ambition and greed. These leaders take advantage of emotion and wrongly placed passion to herd a blinded people toward a precipice of doom, chasing an immediate gain today in exchange for a tragic future.

This isn’t a darkness brought about by the obscuring of light. This is a darkness that is an absolute absence of light. This is the darkness our Founding Fathers feared and could see in the future if this nation ever turned from the creator who had endowed us with the unalienable rights they held so dear, fought and died for.

We now live in a nation in which we try to cling to the good without clinging to Him who is good. Our convictions of tolerance and free will have been perverted by our turning from our guide and protector. We face enemies without the heart to do battle. We can’t even make a stand for good due to our inability to define good and evil.

Eddy McEntire

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