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Your Views: Cyclists only need a few feet of pavement to ride safely
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Brent Holloway’s article about sharing the road with cyclists blames the biker for using the road they are entitled to and certainly helped pay for. Three feet of pavement on each side of a few roads in Hall and surrounding Northeast Georgia counties is not too much to ask for.

I am a recent convert to the “hobby” of cycling. And it is literally saving my life. A few months ago, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and without a change in exercise and diet, I would certainly be facing a shortened and impaired life.

Cycling has lowered my glucose level, my A1C average, and I have lost over 20 pounds.

I am constantly searching for roads with bike lanes, or at least a few feet of shoulder, so that I will not inconvenience the oversized vehicles we seem to be addicted to.

Mr. Holloway states that there are “plenty of places” to ride safely. Please provide a list. Instead of blaming the cyclist, let’s find a few dollars to provide bike lanes in North East Georgia.

John Wright
Flowery Branch