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Your Views: Cure for deadly disease that kills on highways is within our reach
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Can you imagine what this country would do if confronted with a disease that caused 32,000 deaths in 2013 and 450 deaths so far this year in Georgia? We would expect all levels of government to mobilize, demanding billions of dollars to find a cure and a plan for prevention.

Let’s face it, the disease is upon us and is known as traffic fatalities. And it is growing. The pain and suffering realized by families continues unabated.

And for the most part, government manages to spend as little as possible on the disease. The cure is enforcement of laws, federal, state and municipal, that effect highway transportation. Punish the offenders, the drunks, the speeders, the tailgaters and arrogant scofflaws who believe they are above the law. Unelect judges who allow multiple offenders to pile up arrest after arrest, many times the same offense, without severe penalty.

Build a highway patrol that will have visibility. Praise the patrolman who, after citing an offender, will go to court the prosecute the offender. Send a message that says you will lose your driving privilege if you disregard the law. Visibility — when you see the police, you become more law-abiding.

I don’t believe we have traffic accidents. I believe we have incidents where someone is aggressive, busy with their portable phone, trying to drive under the influence or playing with the built-in entertainment center available on most vehicles today. Distracted while driving.

Challenge your government to find the money for traffic law enforcement and you should see less evidence of the disease that has killed so many Americans.

Bruce W. Hallowell

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