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Your Views: Conservatives need to reassert control of broadcast media
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How do conservatives get the broadcast media to hold this administration accountable?

It has become painfully obvious to me and others that during the recent presidential campaign, the big three broadcast media outlets pretty much gave the Obama administration a free ride. There were very few stories asking for answers to Benghazi, the deficit, the failure to pass a budget for the last four years, the promise to Russia’s president that President Barack Obama made with an open microphone that he would be able to do more after the election and many other stories.

The only news outlet that reported on these stories was Fox News. It is the most successful news outlet in America today, and its ratings beat all the other news outlets. The only problem with Fox News is that it is preaching to the choir. So what can we do as conservatives and God-loving patriots to fight the one-sided bias that is prevalent in the news media today?

Here’s a novel idea: Why not beat them at their own game? Why not get a group of investors together that are conservative and buy out at least two of the three current broadcast media outlets?

This is exactly what they have done for years with Hollywood and our current news sources. If some investors were to get together and expand our available sources for news, I am sure that their ratings would expand and people would begin to see the truth as to what has been going on as they would ask the questions and do the investigative reporting that needs to be done.

We are only as free as our press that keeps watch on what our government is doing. If some investors were to start this and go public and sell shares, the conservative-leaning Americans would certainly step up to buy stock in these companies.

It is a much better way to assure that the conservative majority agenda gets its message out than contributing to candidates that get slaughtered in the current press and thus lose their races.

William Bollenbach

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