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Your Views: Congress must defund health law, or we all pay the price
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Obamacare is a premeditated disaster. Insurance will become unaffordable due to the elimination of lifetime benefit caps; the requirement for insurance to pay 85 percent of income on patient care (vs. normal 65 percent); coverage of pre-
existing conditions; and new mandatory coverage, not to mention millions in regulatory compliance.

Billions have been taken from Medicare and 20 new taxes added. Businesses with 50 or more full-time employees, being required to provide unaffordable Obamacare or pay a penalty, are hiring part-time workers. Eighty-three percent of new jobs in 2013, lowering unemployment to 7.6 percent, were part-time with no benefits.

Under the Senate’s proposed immigration bill, newly legalized immigrants can be hired full-time without compliance to Obamacare, employers paying neither fines nor benefits. Good luck landing a job if you were made in the U.S.

Your sons and daughters will be forced to pay for your health care through unconstitutional requirements to purchase insurance they don’t want or pay an ever-increasing penalty. How likely will you receive treatment when there are no contracts between exchange insurance companies and hospitals that have no idea what they will be paid?

Pharmacists, to avoid regulation, will demand payment up front. Whether it be $10 or $3,000, you will file insurance for reimbursement. The Navigator program, at a cost of $20 billion, will provide 20 hours of training to help individuals (with no background checks and complete access to your health and tax records) to “help” you with Obamacare.

The IRS Employee Union (charged with enforcement of the Unaffordable Act), the Service Employees International Union and AFL-CIO have all asked for exemptions from the bill. Members of Congress and their aides who gave us the law have already been exempted, with no protest from the Republican leadership. Our constitutional scholar, President Barack Obama, has unconstitutionally delayed compliance of large corporations for one year, and has, by declaration, stopped all investigation of exchange subsidy applicants to see if they actually qualify for aid.

You may now commit fraud with impunity. Max Baucus, the leader in pushing Obamacare through the Senate, has declared the Unaffordable Act to be a “train wreck” and is abandoning the senate. Even the far left Howard Dean says IPAB (death panels) should be eliminated.

The difference between slavery and serfdom is, no one owns a serf, but they do own or control everything she needs to survive. The socialist Democrat Party designed the law to destroy health care in America; they could care less about your health. As the new system falls apart and you demand action, they will blame the Republicans, the free market order, greedy insurance, hospitals and doctors. Then they’ll save you with what they’ve always wanted: single-payer government health care.

If you think this is all good, then sit back and take it. If not, call your senators and representatives and demand they defund the Unaffordable Care Less Act. This will happen, or not (up to you) with the budget continuing resolution in September.

John M. Clagett, D.M.D.

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