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Your Views: Common Core takes Ga. schools down wrong path
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Common Core has been forced upon the states in an underhanded manner. The federal government made it a requirement that states adopt Common Core if they wanted to receive money for education from the 2009 Stimulus Bill. The applications for these funds were sent out and due back when the state legislature was not in session.

So, desperate for money during the recession and unable to consult either the legislature or the people, then-Gov. Sonny Perdue and former state School Superintendent Kathy Cox agreed to commit to Common Core. But they were committing to adopt standards that hadn’t even been written yet.

The whole idea behind Common Core is to take the education of our children out of our hands and put it into the hands of unelected individuals who will then have the power to promote their own agenda. The people who developed Common Core are progressive education reformers, whose push for a 1995 national history standard that was rejected by the U.S. Senate as politically correct and anti-American.

Their current math and English/language arts standards found in Common Core are no better. By the eighth grade, our students will be two years behind major foreign countries in the area of mathematics. Geometry will be taught by an experimental method that has never been proven successful anywhere else in the world.

English/language arts will be reduced to reading manuals, brochures and menus, instead of great literature and the important documents and stories of America. The college-ready reading level will be seventh grade.

And these standards, once adopted, cannot be changed or deleted in any way. There are those who would like us to think that this is not so. The Gates Foundation (the major financial backer of Common Core) has given nearly $30 million combined to the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the National Governors Association, the Council of Chief State School Officers, the Georgia Department of Education and Atlanta Public Schools for the purpose of promoting Common Core.

It is money that is driving the acceptance of the Common Core standards. In exchange for adopting them, we give up our right to direct our children’s education; we allow unaccountable individuals to produce school standards that promote their private agenda; we allow the 10th Amendment to the Constitution (which guarantees the right of education to the states) to be violated; we permit three separate congressional statutes that prohibit the federal government from directing or supervising K-12 curriculum to be violated; and we commit our children to receive a substandard education.

Ironically, according to a study done by the Fordham Institute, a Common Core supporter, Georgia’s math and English/language arts standards were already better than those in Common Core. Examine the truth behind the push for national adoption of Common Core by visiting the website

Tell Gov. Nathan Deal and the state Senate to support Senate Bills 167 and 203, which would remove Georgia from Common Core.

What we teach our children today determines the direction our country takes tomorrow.

Debra L. Kimsey

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