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Your Views: Commissioners ignored residents with landfill vote
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The vision of Hall County promises that its residents will reside in “a model community that promotes sustainable quality of life by partnering with citizens and businesses to make a community of choice for living, working and leisure.”

Unfortunately, for many in Hall County, the promised vision is an olfactory nightmare.

On Nov. 8, the Board of Commissioners, with the exception of Ashley Bell, consented to grant Rochester & Associates expansion rights to the local landfill which allows it to dump more malodorous refuse onto this already overtaxed site. This action for the citizens who live nearby serves to exacerbate a pre-existing cancerous situation.

The commissioners who voted with Rochester & Associates have violated the vision it cast for this group of citizens. Is this not a civil injustice? Do not these citizens have the right to live and breath clean air and have a righteous expectation that they are benefactors of the promised vision? According to the commissioners’ vote, no!

Poor people are continually mistreated and maligned by those in power. If the vision cast by the county commissioners has real value, the interest of citizens and business will be balanced, equitable and not just blatantly one-sided.

Cathy Jones

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