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Your Views: Columnist displays vendetta in attacking Georgia Powers plans
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Re: Joan King opinion page of Aug. 27, “Opinions shouldn’t deter facts.” It would help me to understand the wisdom proclaimed if explanations were provided as follows: Why does this self-appointed opinion expert continue to rant against Georgia Power’s nuclear generating expansion and financing thereof without making any reference that the other two major investors (and eventual 50 percent owners) of the Plant Vogtle nuclear facilities are MEAG and electric membership corporations?

If she considers that nuclear power is becoming an anachronism, what is her recommendation for future expansion (even though she thinks there will be none needed)?

If she heeded her own sophisticated advice, she should consult utility management engineering consultants instead of Steven Prenovite concerning future electrical power demand predictions.

What truly fuels her very obvious vendetta against Georgia Power? It is fortunate that the future of Georgia will benefit on this issue from optimism, something pessimists.

Clarence Huhman

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