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Your Views: Clinton showed arrogance in testimony on Benghazi attack
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Today, a U.S. Senate committee heard from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concerning the deaths of four Americans at the hands of terrorists in Benghazi, Libya.

The issue before the committee is the truth. The question before the committee is why she and her president attempted to make us believe the attack was from a mob of protesters, and why, with full knowledge of who orchestrated and planned the attack, she and the president persisted in what amounts to a lie and dispatched United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice to broadcast the lie.

The incredible and outrageous question Clinton’s testimony, “What difference does it make?” defines her arrogance and disrespect for the American people.

We had a small but well-trained force in Benghazi that could probably have dealt with a mob of protesters. What they were hit with, however, was a strong, heavily armed force that had planned the attack. Our intelligence knew something was up and asked for help well in advance and never got it.

Clinton and President Barack Obama presented the American people with a lie, a lie that attempted to cover up their failure to act when American lives were at stake. It makes one hell of a difference.

Bruce W. Hallowell

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