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Your Views: Citizens ready to unite behind loss of liberty
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As I write this letter, I am reminded of the Jerry Reed song, “When You’re Right, You’re Right.” Let me explain.

During President Barack Obama’s first stint in office, the news media began to hype him and his administration cronies as messiah to solve America’s problems. During a casual discussion with breakfast friends at a local restaurant, I made the comment that history would prove President Obama to be the best president American has ever had. Needless to say, before I could explain my point of view, their knee-jerk reaction was to grab grandma’s feather bed and heat up the tar wagon.

The point I was trying to make was that before Obama and his like-minded liberal cronies are defeated and put out of office, America would be praying, “God, deliver us from this evil.” In the past, unification of America in prayer was based primarily upon war and events that threatened our personal liberty and freedoms from without.

At present, our liberty and freedom is threatened from within. I remember well the prophecy of the little fat Russian as he addressed a U.N. Security Council meeting during the 1960s. While beating on the podium with his shoe, he shouted that America would be subdued by communism without firing a shot. He emphasized over and over that America would be destroyed from within.

Are we there yet? From all indications, the political and citizenry mindset appears to be in place and we are only a hop, skip and a jump away from prophesy being fulfilled.

When speaking of Israel, Paul quoted King David. “Let their table (a metaphor for prosperity) be made a snare (something that entraps or entagles), and a trap (any stratagem for catching a person unawares), and a stumbling block (an object or principle that causes one to stumble physically or morally), and a recompence (payback in the negative) unto them.”

While addressed specifically to the nation Israel, this same principle can be applied to any nation. I realize that most people, including the religious community, refuse to acknowledge that God is no longer in the nation-blessing business. During this present dispensation of grace, God is in the people-blessing business. Specifically blessing the elect chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world.

I fear the saints and faithful brethren in Christ Jesus who do not recognize their table may have become a snare are in for a rude awakening. Look around and acknowledge that both church and state have succumbed to temporal prosperity that cannot last. I stand upon the premise that when you’re right, you’re right.

William P. Clark
Flowery Branch

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