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Your Views: Children here in US also need adoptive homes
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I have sympathy for children who will be affected by the change in Russian law concerning their adoption by Americans. However, attention should be drawn to our own children who languish in foster care waiting for their forever families. Now is the time to take action for these precious kids!

The Times could shed some light on our local and Georgia adoption processes and statistics. I think our community would be shocked to know how many of our children have been in often dismal circumstances. The demand for adoptive families for these children far outweighs the current supply.

Potential adoptive parents can contact the Department of Family and Children’s Services to sign up to be adoptive-only foster parents. They don’t have to take the risk that a foster child will be returned to the birth family. There are plenty of deserving children in Hall County and Georgia for any interested adult to adopt. It is not an expensive process compared to international adoptions. Why can’t every one of our children be saved from a life in foster care?

What are we doing to encourage and promote adoption of our own children? While there are state and private agencies at work in this endeavor, I see too many children whose parental rights have been terminated due to severe abuse or neglect and who have waited too long for someone to give them a forever home. Some grow up in foster care and never get a permanent family — in America! Today there are about 20 deserving children free for adoption in Hall County as well as 300 more in Georgia.

If you want more information about what you can do to help our children, please contact the Hall County Department of Family and Children Services at 770-532-5298. Give one of our own children the family life they deserve.

Cliff Jolliff
Judge, Hall County Juvenile Court

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