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Your Views: Cherokee Bluffs name for new park should be chiseled in stone
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Because my family had other commitments April 15, we didn’t get to the public meeting at Mulbury Park concerning Cherokee Bluffs. I wish we could have been there.

I have lived on Black Jack Road most all of my life, all of my childhood, to be exact. I remember riding bikes on dirt roads not just Black Jack but Bragg, Capitola and Swansey as well. We were there when the county dedicated the park along with the name of Cherokee Bluffs. Only one person I know of from Friendship Road (now Lanier Islands Parkway) was there.

If you ask me, the name fits the park perfectly. Things have surfaced in the area around here such as arrowheads not only made of quartz but also of chert and obsidian. They are not too common for this area, as if these unusual stones were to be traded for goods. Remnants of old campfires are found deep down in the earth.

So if Cherokee Bluffs isn’t “chiseled in stone” it should have been, or better yet, it should be.

Montez Griffin
Flowery Branch

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