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Your Views: Changing name of Friendship Road ignores its history
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I am writing in reference to Monday’s article about the idea of anyone wanting to change the name of Friendship Road. This road has history, with the Friendship Baptist Church being No. 1.

I have family members buried on both sides of the road in the old cemetery. I have my grandparents, great-grandparents, great-aunts, uncles and these are my roots, people I never knew but was told about.

In front of the church, I also have family and a neighbor, Sam and Pauline Pruitt, who I stayed with as a child while my mom and daddy worked at Georgia Shoe. This same family watched over my children when they got off the school bus in the evening.

I’ll be 66 years old this summer and have lived here all my life. I know this is supposed to be for progress, but leave the name alone. Let Lanier Islands Parkway be as it is from Interstate 985 to the islands. Let the people have their memories of Friendship Road, and leave it as it is.

We all have GPS. We can find our way, and visitors will find the islands. I am in bad health, so I can’t attend the meeting to give my opinion. If the community did start a petition, I would get a way to go sign it.

I do hope and pray this stays Friendship Road.

Louise McDowell
Flowery Branch

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