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Your Views: Chambers of commerce always support sales taxes
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A letter in the July 20 issue of The Times contained a curious statement. The writer said, “Is it any wonder that the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, with it’s staunch record of opposing any tax increase, is squarely behind T-SPLOST?”
It is no wonder at all. The Georgia and local chambers of commerce have a staunch record of being squarely behind every SPLOST created. Didn’t they coin the “Just A Penny” pitch?

I have come to believe that the chambers of commerce are actually the marketing department of local and state government when it comes to new sales taxes. The media has reported the chamber of commerce planned spending of $7 million to 8 million to promote T-SPLOST.

T-SPLOST will take this region to 8 percent of our disposable income, if passed. The only reasonable vote is “no.”

Bruce W. Hallowell

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