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Your Views: Brewers lifetime of dedicated service rises above one incident
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I regret not having written this sooner in praise of Jim “Bimbo” Brewer, former witness advocate for Hall County Sheriff’s Office. He’s been splashed on front page again rehashing a small incident, albeit a momentary lack of judgment call, an instant decision to help someone while off duty. After his many years of dedicated service with an unblemished record, he was in his home, off duty, yet having to make an instant decision to go to the aid of folks needing him.

I’ve been privileged to have known Bimbo for 50 years. I don’t believe I’ve known many who equal his passion for anything he undertakes, always to the best of his ability. He’s always ready to help folks anyway he can, going out of his way to do so, and with the utmost character and integrity. I applaud Harris Blackwood for confirming a new state position for him.

I’ve known him to always try to do the right thing. He had the morals and character to resign, which speaks volumes about him, showing he deserves this new position. Our state can only benefit from his expertise, loyalty and dedication.

We are fortunate to have folks of his caliber working for our state.

Jan Alton

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