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Your Views: Biggest danger from high CO2 levels is political
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I am so tired of my intelligence being insulted by the vacuous political and pseudo-science class. For the claims of the global warming cabal to be true, thinking people must put aside all common sense. The premise of the global warming theory is that carbon dioxide is a dangerous gas.

Let me digress briefly: I am not a scientist; I have however, done research on this theory and have written articles about it and participated in a colloquium in February 2009 in Atlanta titled “Weather or Not” sponsored by and as a member of Mensa.

For those who are still reading this, I don’t have to bore you with data, statistics or even hockey sticks to remind you of some very basic science. CO2 is a byproduct expelled from our lungs during the breathing process. Plants then breathe in the carbon dioxide in order to expel oxygen for us to breathe; this process is called photosynthesis. CO2 is also created by manmade activities such as the combustion of carbon containing hydrocarbons in fuels or wood. It is also used to make our soft drinks fizzle, fire extinguishers put out fires and you may also recognize it in solid form as dry ice.

The reason for my grievance manifests itself when I hear so-called scientists, who receive taxpayer subsidized government grants, and politicians staking claim on more of our money in order to combat this most dangerous of gases. There is not one shred of genuine scientific data that proves the theory of global warming. Nor is there consensus in the scientific community.

There has been a lot of inaccurate and purposefully skewed data offered up as proof, but it has been discredited by genuine scientific data and historical records. One does not have to know much about science to realize that while CO2 is colorless and odorless, something indeed looks and smells rotten.

If you have followed the political path of this topic, you know what I mean. However, I will concede this; carbon dioxide does indeed become dangerous as soon as politicians open their mouth.

Jim Gorman

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