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Your Views: Better diet is part of moral imperative for all Americans
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Michelle Obama states that adding a single glass of water daily will bring improved health. Restaurants serve us, and we eat, fried Oreos, roasted watermelon, breaded fried pickles, overloaded potatoes, overloaded plates and decadent desserts. Our society’s morals resemble those of Rome’s Caligula. Hannah Montana has become a woman no decent man could proudly call his wife and decadence is an accepted word for Americans.

The Russian people should be greatly admired for years of sacrifice for the common good. Although forced upon them, Russians willingly accepted sacrifice for what they believed was the good of all. Americans were once proud of our willingness to sacrifice, to be self-disciplined, willing to look out for the best interests all. The self-indulgence inspired by Reagan-Bush policies is now destroying the very fiber of American character.

May Americans be instilled with the knowledge and inspiration of the Russian people and their sacrifice. In coming together to comfort families in Chicago and the Washington Navy shipyard, as we send out love and prayers for our troops daily, should we not also begin restoring a spirit of sacrifice for what our troops are doing for us?

May our Creator restore a spirit of sacrifice, blessing leaders guiding us into this way of righteousness and discipline, treating our bodies as sacred temples.

May God bless Pope Frances for his wonderful message of love embedded in discipline, blessing our world faith community and all those in our heavenly congregations who walk with us, blessing our troops and embracing us all in His grace and in His love, that Americans may be led in the path worthy to be called Americans again, returning to a diet which restores the soul of America.

May God bless Americans as we choose this way of light, love and true brotherhood. May God bless the USA.

Elizabeth Hinesley

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