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Your Views: Banning firearms is the act of a tyrannical government
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It mystifies me to no end to how blind and naive people in general and our leaders in Washington, in particular, can be on some issues. Take for example the supposed ban on small arms in America that so many want to impose on the American people.

The murder of those innocent children and teachers in Connecticut was tragic beyond words. The many tragic stories we see in the news everyday are a sad commentary on our society, but consider this: Guns are inanimate objects; you can fully load any weapon and place it anywhere you choose. If no one picks it up, that weapon will not kill anyone!

To say, “If we didn’t have guns, most people would still be alive,” is a stupid claim to make. Hundreds of years before firearms were invented, look and consider all the murder and mayhem mankind has perpetrated on his fellow men. The real source of all the violence and murder in this world is a direct result of the evil in man’s heart.

Why can wiser, smarter people than me not understand?

People are injured and killed every day in auto accidents; that doesn’t justify banning automobiles. No one, not even our government, has the right to disarm American citizens and deny honest men the right to defend our homes and families. No one!

I caution any who own weapons to exercise caution and responsibility in storing your guns.

History will attest to the fact that one of the first laws enacted by Adolf Hitler was a ban on guns, as with other tyrannical governments. Sadly, we have installed an administration in Washington that we cannot trust to serve our best interests. We have a constitutional right to bear arms to protect our homes and families.

Our nation has banned all sense of morality and decency and a mutual respect for our fellow man. Where God’s Holy Spirit is denied access, evil prevails. Americans, get on your knees and pray for God’s mercy and blessings.

Mickey Montgomery


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