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Your Views: Americans need to be aware how our leadership is failing us
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U.S. Rep. Allen Grayson of Florida compared the tea party to the KKK. I don’t remember hearing anything about any tea party personnel hanging or beating any black folks, burning crosses or running around in white sheets.

The only thing most congressmen and senators are concerned with is getting elected and re-elected. They could not care less about you and me. This congressman is afraid the tea party will expose him for what he is: worthless.

I used to wonder how this country could have assembled so many useless politicians in one place as we have in Washington, the White House included.

Then I look around at some voters I have talked to and some I have heard who are absolutely ignorant about this country’s situation and who cannot even tell you who their congressman is, then I understand how this could have happened.

I am convinced that 70 percent of Americans could not care less about this country, 20 percent are in “la la land” and only 10 percent of us are deeply concerned about the direction this country is being taken.

Wake up people and smell what is going on; however, it may be too late.

You folks who voted this administration into power should be proud of yourselves. You have helped put a lot of hardworking people out of a job, and caused gas and all consumer goods prices to dramatically increase. Thanks a lot!

And to you folks who voted for Barack Obama and are now looking for another job, congratulations! You got the change you voted for.

Paul S. Barnes
Flowery Branch

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