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Your Views: Americans, it's time to unite and be the people again
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Recently, I was at the National Archives and saw the hand-printed documents our country was founded upon. I cannot describe to you the emotion, the sense of honor and respect, the call to duty that seeing those frail papers firsthand produces in each and every heart.

“We the people.” That is how our forefathers began when they wrote the Constitution; one of the greatest documents ever written that became the cornerstone of this magnificent nation. This nation has provided justice, domestic tranquility, common defense, general welfare and all the many, many blessings of liberty for so many generations.

This nation has withstood peace, war, prosperity and depression. It has sheltered and lifted the weak, the tired and the poor. It has produced great heroes and extraordinary innovations. This is truly a great nation; a nation to be proud of and to believe in. This is a nation worth fighting for.

Before the most recent election, I came to realize the poor state of mind that myself and my fellow countrymen and women have adopted. The people of this nation have come to expect unrealistic outcomes. We have become antagonists. We have become abusive, grumblers and, most of all, we have become selfish. We no longer seek the well-being of our nation but instead our own personal well-beings.

I am saddened to hear so many speak poorly of our fairly elected leaders. It is time to wake up, America! This election is not going to pay off the results we want for ourselves. The true benefit will take time and sweat and determination. Our children will reap the consequences, good and bad, of this current government. The leaders of the past never saw the amazing country that this has become. They believed in what they were doing and did it for a better future for all.

We must stop complaining. We must stop blaming our hardships on the government, and especially on one man. It is time to take responsibility and action. Whatever each of our faiths may be, the first step is to pray for help in our unbelief and wisdom for each and every leader in office. Then we must get up and rise to the occasion with good works.

We must seek what is good and profitable for all, avoiding foolish controversies. Teach our children by example that when the going gets tough, America can take it!

We must act and speak with confidence that each elected official is there by consent of the people and subject to abide by our unalienable rights. Believe in the system and our compatriots. Seek options to make our voices heard. Write to our Congress. Work together for a better tomorrow. Speak evil of no one and know that we are all obliged to show consideration for others. One small voice in the darkness spreads a long way.

Volunteer. Form petitions. Use your resources. Whatever our venue, we must engage. Be the people.

Candice Pinzon

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