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Your Views: Allowing illegal immigration is lying to ourselves and our children
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While trying to find out what the Georgia legislature was doing in its final week, I watched GPTV's "Georgia Politics." Being interviewed were Buddy Deardon and Bill Crane, who was Crane laughing at those of us who care about immigration reform.

What struck me so astoundingly was that the two of them could hardly control their bodies wanting to burst out laughing on the plan to fool the public. They went on to explain that the plan was that the House would approve a bill and the Senate would approve a immigration reform bill but they wouldn't join the bills, and that Gov. Nathan Deal wouldn't sign it anyway, which they all knew ahead of time. It was a low point in my belief of people working to help solve our problems in Georgia.

So as a reader I hope you will cover this so as to enlighten citizens as to the fix was in all along on any hope of immigration reform.

As a mom who has seen many teenagers for many years compete with adult workers and lose, it's sad to tell our young people, "Hey, we are not looking out for you, only our friends who want illegal labor."

And to the young folks who come here seeking a better life to say, "Hey, we are not going to let you live as a honest person. Just keep on telling lies and living underground and we will keep protecting our buddies who bring you here and hire you to exploit you. Crime from drug cartels in our communities is not a concern to us as long as friends are happy living in their high-security gated mansions."

What are we teaching our young people about who we are as a country? We are teaching them to be liars and that our government does not serve them but works against them.

The real story as to why we need immigration reform now is what we are doing to our young and their belief systems on how we should be as a country.

Lynn Everitt