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Your Views: After familys loss, lets continue to pray, strive to cure cancer
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I want to thank the people who shared our grief during the illness of my wife Hazel Jenkins as she went through several months of suffering with cancer. Your prayers, your words of courage and many cards and gifts meant so much to the Jenkins family.

On the morning of March 21, Hazel went home to be with the Lord, our Savior. She fought a great and good fight and finished her course and we, the family of Hazel, want you to know that we thank you to the fullest. Our hope is that your loved ones will not have to suffer as Hazel and many others have before.

Two years and seven months almost to the day, Hazel’s mother died before her of the same kind of cancer. Three months prior to Hazel’s death, she lost her only sister to cancer.

It seems that as smart as mankind seems to be we ought to be able to find a cure.

Let us continue to pray hoping that soon we can come up with a cure before too many more lives will have to suffer needlessly. I often think of my mother who died 36 years ago from cancer.

Jesse Jenkins

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