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Your Views: Administration wont be honest about threats facing nation
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It seems we are continually confronting a threat or threats: radical Islam, economic meltdown, Obama scare, war, etc. However, one of my greatest concerns is the lack of honesty in our leaders. Their response, unfortunately, is always an effort to mislead and cover up. If I recall correctly, this administration promised to be the most transparent in our history. It appears to me we have a trust deficit much larger than our fiscal one.

As an example, I offer the Benghazi debacle. It is more than obvious that we have not been told the complete story about this tragic event. We had good men “down” but left them. According to Hillary Clinton, “what does it matter?” But it does matter especially to those who lost their lives needlessly, and their families.

It matters that it should never happen again. It matters that those who failed to take the necessary action need to be fired and prosecuted where appropriate, up to the highest level.

In “Fast and Furious,” who has paid any price for this insanity other than several hundred people in Mexico and Brian Terry? The pile of trash under the under the White House carpet is getting so big they must use political GPS to find their way around it. However, Eric Holder keeps tripping over it. Never worry though; President Barack Obama has picked him up for another four years.

How about Iran and North Korea? Is our strategy just to keep moving the “red line?” In Syria, the game has changed — 70,000 dead and counting.

With taxes, Obama said, “you have my word if you make less than $250,000 your taxes will not go up one dime.” This seems to fall under the category of somewhat disingenuous. (Disingenuous is political spin for flat-out lying.) As for Planned Parenthood, according to Obama, this organization is composed of a ban of mercy angels.

However, it snuffed out more than 333,000 lives last year and has the dubious distinction of being the largest abortion provider in the nation. It also received more than $540 million in tax dollars to assist in their diabolical endeavors. Obama had the audacity, when he addressed this august group to conclude his remarks by ordering God to bless them. I am sure He took notice.

These are just a few of the many things that are not being addressed with decisive action and integrity. However, I believe they make a very strong case that our government cannot be trusted and what we are told does not in any way resemble the truth. Also, Obama seems to enjoy rubbing our noses in it while doing so exhibiting an arrogance only exceeded by his conceit.

Whenever Obama comes to a fork in the road, he always takes the road that leads to more division, more strife and moral depravity. Keep in mind it is not about the welfare and safety of our country; it is all about them.

Gary Gambrell

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